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The technical director of Pafos FC, Mr. Laurent Dechaux, presents our new player - Léonard Aggoune.

Léonard Aggoune trained in Paris Saint-Germain, played all youth league matches for PSG U17 and U19 teams. He played in CFA (as a player of a professional reserve team of PSG) during the last two seasons as a second goalkeeper, i.e. was a fourth goalkeeper in PSG hierarchy.

He was a part of PSG team which went through to the final of UEFA Youth League 2015/2016 where they have played against Chelsea Football Club.

Léonard is a player of great potential, very dynamic on the line and with a good footwork so that corresponds well with a game philosophy of our coaching staff (he was formed in PSG, in a system and a game philosophy identical to ours).

The signing of a contract with a young PSG player shows one more time a future orientation of Pafos FC.

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