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London - Paphos, 30 November 2017 – The success of a joint initiative between Total Sports Investments and Pafos Football Club gives a reason to celebrate first six months of partnership and reveal the crucial moments that make a partnership thrive!

With the start of the partnership this summer, an ambitious new strategy was adopted in order to accelerate growth and value creation for all shareholders and stakeholders of the club. The idea behind the strategy rests on the three key pillars:

  1. Building strong management. A vital part to launch the initiative was bringing the best professionals to the team, amongst them: young, but experienced coach Luka Elsner, sporting director Laurent Dechaux - former partnership executive for PSG and FFF licenced player’s agent and former sporting director of CSKA and ex-head of scouting of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Anton Evmenov leading the team.
  2. Expanding international cooperation. Preparations for the season 2017/18 for the team started with participating in training camps abroad in Latvia and Slovenia, where they could test their strengths and share international experience. Another international project - football tournaments organization - was launched in November. The first friendly cup, sponsored by Korantina Homes was held with the participation of Pafos FC, AEL Limassol and Ufa FC. The Cup received considerable attention and will become an annual tournament, hosting more international participants.
  3. Implementing effective transfer policy. The approach adopted was to find an effective balance between Cypriot and international players. Thus, current squad is formed with local stars and international ex-players of West Ham United, OGC Nice and SC Bastia to mention a few. New signings are to come during the winter transfer window.

With the launch of the new plan, the Club also sees continuous improvements in commercial, marketing and PR sectors. This year marked two sponsorship deals: the Club signed an agreement with Korantina Home as a main sponsor, as well as an agreement with Jako, as a team’s technical sponsor. In addition to this, the TV rights for the 3 upcoming seasons (2019-2022) were sold to a new partner - Cablenet – leading Cypriot cable TV and internet provider. Along with working on current relationships, we are in advanced negotiations with several other local companies to support the club in the future.

The coming winter will bring to life another initiative – sports tourism development. With a new training centre renovation project in progress, Pafos FC and the city of Paphos itself is yet to become a centre of football life in Cyprus.

TSI representative: “These past few months have been very rewarding. Working in close cooperation with the club, we managed to ensure a smooth entry into a new strategy written and designed specifically for Pafos. It is fundamental to the future progress that our partnership is based on confidence and mutual respect and, though we already see first results, this is only the beginning! We are extremely motivated by the attention from the sponsors and fans which is growing and we will work towards the greater success!”

There is still a lot to be done in coming months and years and TSI will continue to lead Pafos FC development project in every aspect of the business. Having a 5-year development plan written, we are aiming for new heights with a great focus on infrastructure investments, regional partnership and sport tourism expansion.

We are looking for a support from local community and are always open to new partnership and experienced professionals to join the team on the road to success! If you have ideas on possible cooperation, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Total Sports Investments has a large portfolio of top projects in various sports related areas, including sports management, IT, analytics, sports education, as well as merchandise and sport goods production and distribution. With this expertise and 20+ years of experience, TSI aims to bring to its partners the best value on the basis of a sound knowledge in the mentioned fields.

Pafos FC, a Cypriot team, formed after a merger of the two local teams with long history, despite it’s young age, is building on the region’s football heritage and is constantly working to meet the fan’s expectations. With the latest acquisition and adoption of a new development plan, Pafos shows good results in the Cyta Championship.