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It has been more than half a year since Total Sports Investments took FC Pafos under its management and now we got an opportunity for an extensive interview with the co-owner and company’s president Roman Dubov.

- The best thing there was about the Club when we just came, and the thing remaining the best so far is the Pafos fans and the people of Cyprus. Their support inspires us and drives us forward.

- We looked at each other and made a decision… flipped a coin, just in case, and football club Pafos got its new owners.

- If everyone continues to turn a blind eye to the problems of refereeing (and I have to admit they are very serious) in Cyprus, then football will die. There will be no strong players, no investments, no infrastructure development. It's time to slam a fist on a table and say “stop, enough”. Whose table is it going to be? Kolin’s? Cheferina’s? Mine? I have not yet decided.

- Our winter transfer campaign has failed. We planned to sign four of the best players for the positions in the championship of Cyprus. This did not happen, so we decided to make changes in our scouting department. At the end of the season, we'll look at the financial result and we'll be able to promote some or ask others to quit. We are not a charitable organization, we are a business project and management should always bear this in mind.

- There are a lot of people who want to be involved, but only few who are ready to take responsibility for the results. In 8 months I’ve only received 3 CVs, from candidates who want to work in the club. Where is everyone? I hope not everyone is on the beach already.. We will announce a contest for those who want to work for our football club in the nearest future, but for now we are waiting for all those who are interested to apply by sending a CV by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- Why Apoel’s coach disrespect towards our coach? Its agony, its his great fear - he understands that he has his team's budget almost 10 times exceeding Pafos’s, 3 times Appolon’s, he has the support of referees and almost half of the island's population, and he can’t even win the championship. I'm sure his professional career is coming to an end, the “football god” does not forgive such things. I bet a bottle of fine whiskey that he will not last more than 2 years in Apoel.

- We are ready to repeat the words, if I recall correctly, of Sir Alex Ferguson on his first day with Manchester United - "we came here to move everyone from the first place”.

- It was the weirdest player I’ve ever seen for 25 years being involved in sport: he got up, kissed my hand, signed a contract, and then went home to Africa and finished with football.

- Every sponsor and every partner is and will be appreciated by the Club. And every one who lent us a helping hand at the start of our journey, will certainly share the minutes of success with us. Korantina Homes is our largest partner, no Cypriot club is receiving such support, whether it’s financial, an advice, or joint promotions. And I think that is just the beginning. We will always remember this help.