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Welcome to our team Lars!
- How did the cooperation between our team and you personally arise?
Investors were looking for a sporting director and there were some candidates for the job. I think they were convinced by my work in Denmark and through a big interview I gave and which was also presented to the Russian media, they found out more things about my work. They believed I was the right person and called me. So I came to Cyprus and for a whole day we had talks with the investors, I watched the first match of the cup against Doxa and finally we met and had an agreement.
- Before taking up the position of Sporting Director in our team, what did you know about the Cyprus Championship? Also what are your first impressions after your arrival these few days you are here?
The truth is that I searched for a lot of information after the first contact by the team, although I knew a lot of things before, mainly because of my former FC Midtjylland team's games against Apollon Limassol, where we lost in both legs. It was disappointing for us but it seems that the level of football here is very good and this is also proved by the UEFA rating. The 4-5 big teams are at a very good level and could easily compete in the Danish championship. As for our team, there are a lot of aspects for improvement and we have to go through a lot of things, but also very good work is carried out by the coaching team. One thing we have to examine is short-term contracts, because when you have a long-term plan, you have to offer players a feeling of security.
- What exactly will your duties be with our team and what are your goals for our team for the coming season?
What I have to do is watch the coaches’ job and help improve the team, but firstly and most important, I have to make sure to sign the best players we can based on our budget. We also want our team to recruit the best local Footballers and get close to the top six teams. Finally we know that Pafos has a lot of fans and one of our goals is to bring them back to the stadium.
We will also pay special attention to our Academy. I have a very long experience of 6 years in this matter in FC Nordsjælland team, which is famous for the players promoted from the Academy to the first team. FC Nordsjælland is currently in the high positions of the rank with the youngest players on average. There is a long-term plan and strategy for the Academy and the goal is to create players for our team.
We wish you the best Lars!