Our team continues its preparation for the second match of the Championship Cyta against Alki. The head coach Luka Elsner describes the trainings:

Intensity and volume of training will be high

We first need to consider raising level of endurance and power of our players, especially the many late arrivals. We were low on running numbers (GPS Data) and beaten on most of challenges, so the focus on the first week will be on improving on those elements, starting with the attitude and the complete effort and commitment. Intensity and volume of training will be high until Saturday. We will find time to also work on being better in defending our box and creating chances in last third.

Focus on the next game

Second week will see a shift of focus to our next game, so the content of sessions will be adapted to the plan for the game.

The win is a definite necessity

Everybody needs to understand that our game against Alki should have started in our minds and that winning 3 points depends on how the players will work now. And the win is a definite necessity.