Onni: This City felt like Home..

Firstly Congratulations for your new contract! We are glad to have you on board!

Onni, although there were rumours about interest from great teams abroad, you preferred to renew your contract with Pafos FC. What factors made you take this decision? Who made biggest effort to keep you in club? *

The direction the club has been going for the past years, the massive improvements we have took every year and the ambition the owners and club have, all of this has impressed me a lot and I am sure this is the best place for me to be and to continue my development together with the team. I got the feeling club really wanted to keep to me so after all it was an easy decision to stay here.

Usually news about negotiations going around Cyprus quickly, but about you it was quiet and shocking for most of fans. When you made your decision?

We have spoke for a long time already with the club about my future and how we want to achieve great things together. I have had this decision in the back of my mind for a long time and feel this was the right timing to make the extension. I am very excited about it.

What we should expect from Onni from now on and what targets you put for yourself? What goals does the Club expect from you to achieve?

We should expect the same Onni who always gives his all to the team. I know the club expects a lot from me and I love playing for this club. The most important thing is that the team wins and I will do everything to contribute to this with hard work and goals & assists.

Your contract prolonging was quite a pleasant surprise for Pafos FC supporters! They really wanted you to stay in team, what would you like to tell them?

This city has felt like home since the beginning and I have enjoyed my time a lot here with. I love the fans because they have always been by our teams side even through hard times. We want to give them beautiful moments and we are working hard towards it!