Pafos FC is delighted to announce that the Club has reached an Agreement to renew sponsorship contract for further 5 years with Korantina Homes, one of the biggest developer companies in Cyprus. New Agreement will become a record-breaking deal for Cyprus football that can generally accumulate over 5.675.000 EUR in mentioned period.

In addition to that Korantina Homes will become the first official sponsor of the newly established Pafos Beach Soccer Club, that will start participating in European and World competitions, representing Paphos in the nearest future.

KORANTINA HOMES X PAFOS FC 2023-2028..the journey continues!

This renewal is a testament to the success and mutual benefit of the long-standing partnership. Our collaboration has resulted in significant growth and brand recognition for both parties, and we are proud to continue this momentum.

The new sponsorship contract includes a range of marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as community engagement programs that will showcase the organization’s commitment to the people of Cyprus. We will work closely with them to create innovative campaigns that drive engagement and foster a positive impact on the community.

The Club would like to express a sincere belief in the successful future cooperation for the benefit of the Paphos region and Cyprus in general that will make significant impact on national sports industry. We believe that this partnership will be a win-win for both parties, and we are honored to be part of this journey that has started several years ago. Together we will reach the top of the League and will bring lots of good moments to our community.

Pafos FC Chairman, Roman Dubov, commented the Agreement:

«Korantina Homes is our long-standing partner, we have a common vision in all possible directions and helps us to move forward from year to another year. We believe that this new agreement has the potential to create significant value for both parties, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results that drive positive change in the community and will make Paphos Region European Sports Landmark in nearest future. It is important to note that newly reached agreement would not have been possible without the significant impact and efforts made by George Ioannou, long-standing passionate fan and friend of the Club, that has been with us since the very beginning, supporting and helping day after day».

Pafos FC Chairman
Roman Dubov

Korantina Homes CEO, George Ioannou, commented the Agreement: «In Korantina Homes we can clearly see, feel and share the ambitions that Pafos FC and its owners has. This is a testament to the strong relationship and mutual trust that we have built over the years, and we are honored to be part of that journey. Our joint passion will bring Paphos Region to another level never been seen before».